Friday, 22 March 2013

A Brief History on Conservatories and Orangeries

The landscape surrounding your home provides the all important context to your Apollo Conservatory. You may have extensive views that you want to capture, a well tended garden to admire throughout the seasons, or a contemporary town courtyard space.

Whilst our customers have varying plans for how they will use the room we create for them, most of them seek to bring the outside in. Our main aim is to design a hardwood conservatory or orangery for you which will provide a delightful transition between the garden and your home.

Our customers often ask us what the difference is between an orangery and a hardwood conservatory, this distinct line has become rather blurred over time. Both have a link with horticulture and this has played a significant role in their development.

In the 17th century orangeries became popular as they were used to protect citrus and other rare or fragile plants during the winter. They were usually constructed using stone or brick featuring pillars and large windows they often occupied a stand alone position. They were seen as a symbol of prestige and wealth.

Conservatories can be traced to the early nineteenth century when they were used as large green houses, over time their use has evolved and they became more popular as recreational areas. At Apollo we offer hardwood and bespoke conservatories to your specification. 

The most distinctive characteristic of an orangery is the flat roof with a lantern roof, this is teamed with large columns making it feel permanent and solid almost like part of the original house. In contrast to this a conservatory has a glass roof creating a feeling of light and airiness that allows clear sky views.

At Apollo Conservatories we pride ourselves in creating beautiful hardwood and bespoke orangeries and conservatories that compliment your home. We have an in house designer who creates detailed plans so you get a clear idea of what the finished addition to your home will look like. 

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